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Reusable Face Mask

Reusable dual-layer face mask with internal pocket for replaceable air filters. Designed to be worn by itself or over an N95 respirator as an additional barrier against fluids and airborne particles.

Adjustable Face Shield

Single use vinyl face shield with closed cell foam liner and an adjustable headband. Designed to be worn as a barrier against fluid splatter, specifically bacterial and viral fluids.


Make it at Home

Below we provide all the instructions on how to make your own reuseable masks in your own home for your own use. 

DIY Template

Click and download the printable template for the reusable face mask.

DIY Dimensions

Click and download the reusable face mask template dimensions. (For those that do not have access to a printer)

DIY Filter Instructions

Click and download for instructions on how to make filters at home with a/c filters to fit into your reusable face mask for added protection.

Care & Wear Instructions

Click and download for instructions on how to wash and dry your reusable face mask properly whether for general public use or for medical employee use.